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#1 Re: Information and Announcements » Rules of Engagement (RoE) - Rules governing PvP, skills, etc. » 2020-06-18 19:12:40

Updated on 6/18/2020 to include Yellow Bags and add a clause restricting Thieves/Looters from logging out, trashing their ill-gotten goods, or placing those items in secure storage within 30 minutes of the act.

#2 Re: In Character Board » [NEWS] The Altmere Dispatch » 2020-06-17 01:00:51



BANJAX IS DEAD! Let every Altmerian rejoice, for the Admiral of the Dread Fleet, Graeson Banjax, has been slain in a daring raid on his lair in Buccaneer's Den! Though our militia contacts have cited operational security and declined to divulge details, it seems that the Altmere Militia was able to enlist the aid of a traitor within the pirates' ranks. At a time when Banjax was known to be ashore, and many of his loyal crews at sea, the traitor arranged to ferry a militia strike force to the island. Accounts of the ensuing battle have been heard set to rapturous acclaim among patrons of the Tempest all week.

It seems that, late on Sunday evening, the militia embarked aboard a ship flying the jolly roger in the Bay of Cove. Sailing south by southeast, they approached the island of Buccaneer's Den, anchoring across the harbor from the main docks. Under cover of twilight, they launched boats and had nearly reached shore before the alarm was raised. Inaccurate fire from shore batteries failed to find its mark, and the force reached the shore and swept inland like a wave breaking over a ship aground. All who stood fast in their path were swiftly cut down, and though hasty obstacles were erected in their path, the courage of men fighting for kin and country carried the day. Most of the pirates fled into the jungle, while Banjax's loyalists hid in tunnels beneath the town and prepared their last desperate defense.

Descending into the tunnels with axe and torch, the militia blazed a bloody trail through a veritable thicket of scalawags, scoundrels, and cutthroats. Though casualties were significant, they reached the pirates' last bastion. There, Banjax fought with no more courage when cornered than he had when he believed he held the advantage: he hid behind barricades, allowing his men to fall one by one, until at last he was taken alive by the militia.

Hauled to the surface, Marshal Judicael pronounced a summary judgement and sentenced him to death by beheading. In view of any lurking pirates who remained, Banjax's head was taken, his treasure trove thoroughly looted, and several caches of supplies put to the torch before the militia re-embarked for the journey home.


Another fine feather in the militia's cap, and a clear signal to all that would assault or extort our nation: Altmere is not to be trifled with, and will repay aggression in kind!

#3 Re: In Character Board » [NEWS] The Altmere Dispatch » 2020-06-17 00:38:39



Following the repulse of the most recent seaborne attack on the City of Altmere, the so-called "Dread Fleet" has seemingly changed tactics. Reports of attacks on travelers and outlying settlements have increased, and smaller pirate vessels have been observed repeatedly dipping into range of the city's guns to provoke their fire, only to swiftly retreat beyond their reach as soon as the range has been found. Sources within the militia have speculated that the purpose of these maneuvers is to exhaust the city's scant supply of powder and shot.

These provocations have not gone unanswered, however. Just tonight, the militia reportedly intercepted a pirate raiding party attempting to set fire to our crops, and taking them at unawares destroyed them completely. Our source declined to comment on how the militia knew where and when this raid would take place - perhaps there is an informant within the Dread Fleet's ranks?

Whatever the case, a few more pirate heads adorn the city walls, and the republic is all the safer for it.

#4 Re: Information and Announcements » Change Log » 2020-06-04 23:02:30

June 4, 2020:
- Greatly reduced point costs for Cleanup Rewards across the board.
- Reduced the cost of Taxidermy Kits to 1000 from 10000.

#5 Re: In Character Board » [NEWS] The Altmere Dispatch » 2020-05-31 22:48:32



A stunning victory was won this evening by Altmere's fighting men and women. Some time ago, the city's leaders rejected the extortionate demands of notorious pirate admiral Graeson Banjax, initiating weeks sporadic raids and a piratical blockade of Altmere's harbor. With the city's gunpowder reserves still depleted from the recent siege, the cannons overlooking the harbor were unable to engage the hostile ships, allowing the dastardly curs to disembark landing parties directly onto the docks!

This has changed, however, and in dramatic fashion. Having returned from a mysterious rendezvous to the east with a fresh supply of shot and powder, the militia was greeted by black sails on the horizon. The pirates were coming back for more! Marshal Judicael reportedly rallied the militia's best marksmen to man the guns, and succeeded in forcing the pirate vessel aground to the north. Celebrations were short-lived, however, as a concealed cannon mounted in the ruined lighthouse to the north returned fire against the city. Recognizing the danger this posed and unwilling to pass up the opportunity to raze the stranded pirate ship, the militia mounted an overland attack on the surrounding palisade.

In a short but sharp fight, the city's fighters overran the pirate stockade, putting every one of the sea dogs therein to the sword. Their ship was scuttled, and their cannon spiked and pushed into the sea. No longer will this outpost threaten ships passing through the strait, and with its destruction, the blockade's grip on Altmerian trade is one step closer to being broken.

#6 Out Of Character Board » Feature Request Thread » 2020-05-26 22:59:21

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If you'd like to see something, put it here!

#7 In Character Board » [NEWS] The Altmere Dispatch » 2020-05-25 19:37:42

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Despite the vile assassination of Orson Miles, leader of the provisional government, the people of Altmere came together earlier this month to elect a new government for the nation. It was decided by those assembled that this government will be composed of a representative council of, with each councilor overseeing a specific area of interest, and matters pertaining to the nation as a whole being decided by majority rule. New elections will be held at regular intervals, with the possibility of additional seats being added left open. It is unclear what the criteria for such an addition would be, but surely any faction which might arise and grow too powerful to be ignored would be able to claim a place at the table.

The first councilman elected was Judicael Ebonblade, a fighter of some renown, and a man known for his principles and good character. He bravely volunteered to head up the new Altmere Militia, which will be overseeing the security and defense of the city going forward. Following this announcement, the militia's numbers swelled with volunteers, both veterans of the revolution and newcomers seeking their fortune.

The second to be selected was Aaron Leech, of the Merchants' Guild, who will represent the city's commercial interests. Leech is a native Altmerian and a skilled crafter in his own right, who has recently pulled together many of the town's prominent businessmen and artisans to advance their interests as a unified bloc. With the Merchants Guild now holding a seat on the Council, it seems certain that businesses operating outside of the Guild's auspices will be at a severe disadvantage.

Third and finally, relatively unknown (and reportedly filthy) "sewer services" proprietor Jory Jomyr has been elected to attend to the town's administrative needs. We were unable to reach him for interview.

With the formation of this council, our new nation has officially emerged as a Republic!




A brutal murder took place in Wallside this evening, though this has come as no shock to local residents. Reported gambling nest and den of iniquity 'The Coffin Nail' was ransacked and its proprietor murdered by unknown assailants. As of writing, the militia had not released any statement regarding this murder, though uniformed personnel were seen investigating the premises and removing a body. The building now sits abandoned, surely to become one more run-down property in Wallside's slums.

This, however, is only the latest in a string of violent crimes in Wallside. Reports of muggings, break-ins, and even attacks on patrolling militiamen have been common in recent weeks. Citizens are advised to never walk the streets unarmed.

#8 Re: Information and Announcements » Change Log » 2020-05-19 18:21:46

May 19, 2020:
- Human NPCs (Covians, Brigands, Pirates, etc.) will now automatically re-equip Disarmed weapons when the Disarm timer runs out.
- Fixed the Heritage Token gump.
- Removed undesirable items from the Cleanup Reward system. Reward NPC will be added to the library.
- Increased the base number of reagents carried by Mage and Alchemist NPCs to 200 of each type.
- Added Oil Cloths to the Thief NPC.
- Added the Stone Mining book to the Rare Goods Vendor.
- Architect NPCs (located at the carpenter) will now carry Interior Decorators.

#10 Re: Information and Announcements » Change Log » 2020-05-05 00:40:10

- Hiding/Stealth will now break upon taking damage.
- Hiding/Stealth will now break upon attempting to craft an item.
- Undesirable veteran rewards have been removed from the lists.
- Bank Checks are no longer Blessed by default.
- Demolishing a house will no longer refund you the cost of the plot.

#11 Re: Information and Announcements » Change Log » 2020-04-30 12:26:03

- Removed Instanced Loot
- Modified the "Spectre" undead mob to be a stealthy poisoner, to reduce redundancy with Wraiths, Shades, etc.

#12 Re: Information and Announcements » Change Log » 2020-04-29 13:40:02

- Removed the requirement to have a recipe for any of the recipe-required craftables.
- Removed all of the magical items from the crafting gumps.
- Removed some of the unattainable or ridiculous material requirements from some otherwise mundane items.
- Added a couple things to the Rare Goods Vendor.
- Set the Huntmaster to 500gp for a Hunting Permit. Again.
- Upped the loot across the board so hunting is actually worthwhile.
- Made Daggers cost 6 Ingots instead of 3.
- Lowered the maximum amount an NPC will pay for Weapons/Armor to 100, to bring Hunting vs. Crafting back into parity in terms of profitability.

#13 In Character Board » Casualty List » 2020-04-27 01:46:53

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Orson Miles, assassinated during his victory speech.

Andrew Wyke, had a bone to pick.

Ashburnham Peck, ambushed by foul invention.

#14 Re: Information and Announcements » Change Log » 2020-04-26 13:38:50


- Bulk Order Deeds will no longer spawn asking for recipe items, nor for items whose components aren't available in-game.
- Runic Tools and other prohibited items have been removed from the Bulk Order Rewards charts.
- Small BODs will now allow you to bank 10% of their value (up from 2%).
- Large BODs will now allow you to bank 25% of their value (up from 20%).
- Note that the gump that offers you the choice to bank rather than claim will still cite the old %. This number is incorrect.

26/04/2020 10:02 PM
- Halved the restock time for NPC vendors.
- Also halved the threshold for purchases from NPCs to begin increasing price per unit.
- Set Hunting Permits to cost 500 instead of 5000. Due to weirdness with the gump, it will still say 5000 - do not believe it. The Huntsman lies.

#15 Information and Announcements » Account, Character, and House Rules » 2020-04-25 22:09:49

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1. Each player may have up to 2 Accounts.
2. Each account may have up to 2 Characters (4 total per player).
3. Each account may have no more than 1 house (2 total per player).
4. Houses will cost 500 times the Dimensions of the house. For instance, an 8x8 has 64 tiles and will therefore cost 32000 to place.
5. When you wish to place a house, contact a GM to assist you. This is necessary to avoid houses being placed over existing construction or in disruptive places, as deleting the house may also delete the statics it overlaps.

This list is not exhaustive, and will be expanded as things come to mind or are added.

#16 In Character Board » Requests for the Rare Goods Vendor » 2020-04-25 20:26:32

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Leave your requests here, and I'll try to bring some of what you ask for back from my next journey abroad!

- Hagan, the Rare Goods Vendor

#17 Re: Information and Announcements » Rules of Engagement (RoE) - Rules governing PvP, skills, etc. » 2020-04-24 23:26:41

Updated on 4/24/2020 to include Gems in the list of items that can be stolen or looted.

#18 In Character Board » [LORE] A Brief History of the Europa Shard » 2020-04-22 18:12:56

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    During the Age of Darkness, a powerful wizard named Mondain bound the world of Sosaria to the Gem of Immortality, allowing him to achieve godlike power. In the world's darkest hour, the Stranger (or 'The Avatar of Virtue') appeared and slew Mondain, only to discover that Sosaria had become inexorably tied to the Gem. Seeing no other alternative, he shattered the Gem of Immortality, freeing Sosaria proper from its power. This, however, had the unintended side-effect of creating a perfect copy of Sosaria within each and every one of the hundreds of shards of the Gem of Immortality. Furthermore, the shattering magically divided Sosaria's surface, with each facet of each shard containing one of the planet's continents. After the moment of the shattering, the history of each shard diverged wildly.


    On one such shard, a man named Cantabrigian British succeeded in uniting the city-states of Sosaria in the wake of Mondain's defeat, forming the Kingdom of Britannia. Under Lord British's banner, the remainder of Mondain's minions were decisively defeated at the Battle of the Bloody Plains, and the Kingdom was set to settle into an era of peace and prosperity. This came to naught, however, with the mysterious disappearance of Lord British a few short years later. In his absence, unrest grew in the northern city-states, culminating in the proclamation of the Republic of Vesper. Without the mutual threat of Mondain and deprived of Lord British's talented diplomacy, the Royal Council was unable to resolve the crisis peacefully. Unwilling to let the Kingdom disintegrate, an alliance of Vesper's Royalist counterparts mounted an invasion, sparking what became known as the War of the Crown of Thorns.
    As the war dragged on, Royalist demands for military and material support, combined with repeated trespasses by both Royalist and Rebel armies, eventually provoked the neighboring city-states of Cove and Minoc to enter the war on Vesper's side. This decisively tipped the balance of the war in the Republic's favor, and the Royalist Alliance withdrew from the region shortly thereafter. While sporadic fighting continued on the borders and no formal peace treaty was ever signed, the withdrawal of the Royalists from Vesper effectively ended the war. Vesper announced the incorporation of both Minoc and Cove into the Republic shortly thereafter.

    Peace in the north was short-lived. Seeing the weakened state of the northern city-states in the wake of the recent war, a horde of orcs gathered in the Glenmore highlands. Catching Cove at unawares, they overran the town, scattering the small garrison with ease. When a local Covian nobleman, Octiovus von Richter, approached Vesper to ask for aid in driving the orcs from his land, he was sent away empty-handed. Vesper would not risk her army to save Cove.
    Returning home, Octiovus rallied the Covian peasants and, assisted by foreign volunteers and mercenaries, decisively defeated the orcish invasion. By the end of the campaign, the new Covian Militia was a large and seasoned fighting force, vastly disproportionate to the civilian population of the village. Backed by his new army, Octiovus declared independence from Vesper.

    Over the next few decades, the "Royalist" and "Rebel'' city-states fought dozens of wars, great and small. Minoc changed hands between Britannia and Vesper no fewer than five times, while the Baron of Cove expanded his holdings by seizing the border provinces of Altmere, Blackwell, and Templewood. Shifting alliances, civil wars, and invasions by outside forces all combined to keep Sosaria in a state of constant warfare throughout the period. With the Royal Council unable to maintain order, the Kingdom's largest vassals - the Duchy of Trinsic, the County of Skara Brae, and the Protectorate of Yew - each pursued vastly different goals. At various times, individual Royalist provinces were even known to ally themselves with one Rebel city-state to fight against a common foe. On occasion, united by their shared Avatarian faith, Yew and Cove even found common ground under the banner of the Church, embarking on notable crusades against both Trinsic and Vesper.

    Shortly after the ratification of an alliance between Yew and Cove, the Republic of Vesper launched a preemptive invasion of Yew, fearing that the allies were plotting an attack of their own. After devastating the Yewish coastline the Vesperian attack was repulsed, and a Covian-Yewish attack on Vesper was similarly defeated the following month. Over the course of the war, each side launched attacks on the major population centers of the other, and each attack was decisively defeated. Vesper, however, was much less capable of absorbing the losses, and began to grow increasingly desperate for any advantage that could be gained over her opponents. By the time the war ended, Vesper had embraced a myriad of unsavory practices, ranging from Necromancy to Daemonology. In part as a reaction to this, Cove and Yew signed the Crossroads Pact, extending their alliance indefinitely and inviting Trinsic, Skara Brae, and Templewood to join them.

    The County of Altmere suffered greatly from the other northern powers’ infighting. The largely agrarian region was first annexed by Cove, its original ruling house being hunted down and exterminated. Altmere was recovered by the Kingdom a generation later following a bloody war against a Covian-Vesperian alliance, but this conflict left the province in ruin and squalor, and governed as a protectorate of distant Yew. After the War of the Great Combine, Yew ceded Altmere back to Cove, crushing the Altmerians’ hopes of eventual self-government and freedom.
    Outrage at this move boiled over quickly, and before the Covian Army could properly reoccupy the province, hastily-assembled peasant militias seized strategic locations and supply caches throughout the province. The first columns of Covian soldiers to re-enter the province were greeted by barricades, booby-traps, and sporadic hit-and-run attacks by bands of rebels who proved impossible to bring to battle. By the time the Covian Army reached the city of Altmere itself, tempers among the Covians had boiled over. Open dissent in the city was brutally repressed, public demonstrations forcibly dispersed, and a new Covian governor installed in the keep.
    Despite the principal settlement of Altmere having been occupied, unrest in the countryside continued to escalate. Attacks and reprisals were exchanged with ever-increasing brutality, until at last the massacre of an outlying Covian garrison provoked an act of stunning cruelty in retribution. A detachment of the 6th Arcane Company, under the leadership of Corporal Bersi, embarked on a campaign of destruction against farms and villages suspected of harboring rebels: in a single night, half a dozen hamlets were razed by Cove’s mages.
    The revolt’s momentum momentarily halted, the 2nd Light Company set about infiltrating resistance cells, tracking the culprits of hit-and-run attacks back to their camps, and blackmailing or arresting those merchants suspected to be assisting the rebels. Most notably, Redmond Carleton, an early leader and face of the rebellion, was captured and executed. In a matter of weeks, the combined actions of the Arcanists and Scouts had cowed the people of Altmere into submission.
    With Vesper and her allies effectively checked by the Royalist-Covian alliance, and the question of Altmerian sovereignty seemingly settled, the north found itself at peace for the first time in generations. Trade resumed between the northern powers, and many beat their swords into ploughshares. Some spoke of reunification between Cove and Vesper, while the Royalists turned their gaze inward and busied themselves with internal matters.

    The peace was shattered, as it so often had been, by the belligerence and ambition of the Baron of Cove. Following weeks of renewed squabbling with Vesper over border markings, trade, and even attempts to invoke long-invalidated treaties, the Baron recalled his general staff and ordered them to plan for war. Reluctant to attempt an invasion of Vesper itself, the Covians instead struck at Vesper’s trade network, suddenly and unexpectedly occupying the neutral island city-state of Nujel’m and ordering all exports to Vesper rerouted to Cove.
    Vesperian attempts to negotiate Cove’s withdrawal peacefully were rebuffed, and the Republic gathered her allies to mount a counter-invasion. The conflict was short and bloody, with the Republic’s forces initially gaining the upper hand, only to be decisively defeated when the fighting strayed too far inland for the fleet’s guns to lend support in dispersing Covian formations.
    The Army of the Republic withdrew to Vesper, and began fortifying the city in preparation for the Covian-Yewish assault that they thought must surely be imminent. But no such assault came, for events elsewhere demanded the allies’ attention.


    Wars among nations come at a steep cost in blood and treasure, and during their invasion of Nujel’m the Covian Army levied much of their food, horses, and manpower from the fertile plains of Altmere. For many Altmerians, the atrocities committed to suppress Carleton’s Revolt were still a recent and bitter memory, and so Covian logistics officers found themselves facing ever-increasing resistance while collecting the Baron’s due. As the campaign in Nujel’m drew to a close, and fighting seemed set to move to the mainland in a renewed push against Vesper itself, resistance became defiance. Members of the artisans’ guilds laid down their tools and refused to continue working until they received fair compensation for goods appropriated by the army, while opposition to conscription escalated into rioting and the murder of a Recruitment Sergeant. When the Covian governor responded by calling out the garrison to seize the supplies, his men were met by an armed mob. When ordered to attack the crowd opposite them, many of the Altmere-born soldiers mutinied, and the remainder retreated to the keep.
    There, the Covian garrison became effectively besieged in the keep, as disloyal factions distributed the captured materiel and struck hasty alliances. Instrumental in organizing these disparate groups into a united front was Orson Miles, a veteran of Carleton’s Revolt and author of the artisans’ petition to the governor. Using his experience from that earlier conflict, he moved swiftly in barricading the city’s east gate, and ordered the Templewood Bridge demolished to bar the approach of Cove’s Yewish allies: this time, the city of Altmere would not be so easily relinquished.
    Soon after the gates were barred, the first Covian units began moving into Altmere. The 4th Dragoon Regiment, rapidly redeploying from the Vesperian border, overwhelmed the peasant militias holding the road-forts and established a fortified camp there. The 6th Arcane Company began bombarding the city’s southern walls with spellfire from their base along the coast, setting the city’s orchards and outlying suburbs alight. Elements of the Scouts were even rumored to have infiltrated the city through the miles of catacombs and sewer tunnels beneath.
    Meanwhile, the Covian governor and a small number of loyalists held the keep, surrounded by a rebel militia barely distinguishable from an angry mob but for the leadership of Orson Miles and a handful of army deserters. Though competently defended, the keep’s defenders faced an insurmountable disadvantage in numbers. Though they could see the Covian relief force encamped outside the city walls, and they had ample supplies to last a long siege, they could scarcely man the ramparts, let alone organize any sorties against the rebels. To make matters worse, they could see the rebels training and drilling in the streets below, becoming a more cohesive force with each passing day.
    Numerous attempts to breach the city walls were made, both by magic and by conventional means, while guerilla warfare raged in the countryside. The Dragoons became infamous as they seized nearly every good riding horse in the province to deny them to the rebels, while the Arcanists used the threat of destruction to force farmers to supply the Covian forces laying siege to the city. In retaliation, Altmerian rebels in the countryside ambushed patrols, harassed supply lines, and attacked collaborators.

    As the siege wore on, the capabilities of the rebel forces grew. Fresh desertions among Altmerian-born soldiers in the Covian Army continued to bolster their ranks and bring experienced and knowledgeable men to the rebels’ side. These men were put to work training the militias into a force capable of facing down the Covian assault that must someday come. Meanwhile, freed from the gaze of the Church and from Cove’s universal conscription of magic users, many hidden mages came forward to assist the rebels - on the condition that magic users would be free, should Altmere prevail. These rebel mages were put to work bombarding the keep and deflecting Covian spells hurled at the outer walls. 
    Alarmed at this development, the Arcane Company sought desperately for a means of breaching or bypassing the walls. Magic had long been tolerated in Cove only for its military utility, and the Arcanists lived in fear that the protection the army offered them from the Church might be rescinded should their usefulness be called into doubt. As the bombardment of the walls grew less effective and pressure on the keep mounted, Army Command’s demands for a breakthrough drowned out those urging caution.
    Disaster was inevitable. No one can say for certain what happened, but on the eve of the rebels’ long-awaited assault on the keep, the region was shaken by a series of escalating tremors. A sudden storm whipped the southern coast with gale-force winds, and every torch and lantern in Altmere guttered and died, whether sheltered or not. Fleeting shadows cast by lightning-strikes seemed to move with minds of their own, and all eyes were drawn to the south, to the spire of the Arcanists’ Tower, as light flashed through the windows and spell-rent walls blasted outward. At last, there was a blinding flash, a deafening crack, and the Arcanists’ Tower folded in upon itself and crumbled into the bay. 

    The consequences of the destruction of the Arcanists’ Tower spread through the region like a shockwave. Fully two thirds of the Covian Army’s trained mages were gone, along with nearly every Arcanist-in-training. Recognizing that the loss of the Arcane Company meant no relief was coming, the Covian Governor surrendered the keep, handing himself and his battered garrison over into captivity. With the army reeling, fears of a Vesperian counter-attack surged, and it was deemed prudent to abandon the siege so that forces could be redeployed eastward. Over the following weeks, the Covian Army withdrew to the borders of Covianshire, abandoning all but a handful of strategic locations. For the first time in living memory, Altmere was free.

#19 Information and Announcements » Rules of Engagement (RoE) - Rules governing PvP, skills, etc. » 2020-04-19 17:15:49

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- Use common sense and be considerate of other players at all times.
- Real-world Racist, Homophobic, and otherwise Hateful speech will not be tolerated In- or Out-Of-Character.
- Stay In-Character at all times. If you need to speak Out-Of-Character, use Party, Guild, or an out-of-game Chat.
- Overhead names and Guild Tags are Out-Of-Character information. You cannot know someone's name, rank, affiliation, etc. without finding out In Character.
- Do not use Out Of Character information in game: your character only knows what they learn through roleplay.
- Do not use the 'leave house' function inside a player house to escape. You can’t just magically teleport out of a building.
- Avoid "god-mode" or "power-emoting" at other players. If you wish to resolve an action against another player via emote, either negotiate it beforehand OOC or leave the outcome open-ended. ("Tries to-" rather than "Does-").
- Guild Abbreviations must be kept visible at all times.
- Complaints, grievances, and other issues between players should be brought to either their respective Guildmasters or to the Server Staff for mediation.
- No references to or depictions of the following topics are allowed for any reason: sexual assault/abuse, domestic violence, and/or death of children.
- Refrain from running scripts/macros while AFK. If you are performing actions, you should be able to respond if approached by someone seeking to interact.

- Be sure that your target or targets are not AFK before attacking.
- Offer alternatives to combat where appropriate, especially when dealing with a clearly outmatched opponent (take them prisoner, extort tribute, chase them from your territory, etc).
- If you are "killed" in PvP, you must wear a default grey Death Robe for 30 minutes upon resurrecting. During this time you may not rejoin the battle, and may not be attacked, but you must roleplay injury and/or incapacitation.
- If you do not wish to be taken prisoner, it is advised that you vacate the area.
- You may not rejoin the fight with an alternate character during the 30 minute death robe period.

[Note that while most of these items have been rendered inaccessible, the system is not perfect. These items are still illegal to use even if you find a way to acquire them despite staff's efforts. Some exceptions may be made for plot-specific, unique magic items - in these cases, the items will be clearly marked as such.]
- NO magical properties are allowed on equipment of any kind other than the maximum of 50% Damage Increase conferred to weapons crafted by a Grandmaster craftsman.
- ALL Talismans are forbidden except in crafting.**
- ALL magic jewelry is forbidden.
- ALL Library/Cleanup/Etc. reward equipment is forbidden.**
- Archers may use weapons crafted from special wood types, along with the magic properties those confer, as well as a generic craftable quiver.
- ALL Stealable Balms and Lotions are forbidden.
- ALL Eodon/Time of Legends craftable potions are forbidden.
**Crafting Talismans earned through these systems, as well as through BOD Rewards, may be used.

Yellow Bags
- Players are encouraged, but not required, to carry a bright yellow bag in the top level of their pack and fill this bag with various trinkets and valuables. This bag functions as an opt-in for being stolen from and looted beyond the scope of the rules below.
- Players who wish to loot or steal from another player's Yellow Bag must carry one themselves, and ensure that it is stocked.
- Any item(s) contained within the Yellow Bag may be looted, in any quantity, in addition to the normal looting/stealing rules.

- Any player may loot any other player's corpse, however they may only take ONE of the following:
         1. Up to 250 Gold coins,
         2. Up to 5 total Consumable items (Potions, Petals, Grapes of Wrath, etc.), excluding Bandages,
         3. Up to 10 total Reagents,
         4. Any single Book, Scroll, or Magic Item,
         5. Up to 10 of any kind of kind of gems.
- No player may loot the same character more than once per hour.
- If you later down a player who looted you, you may recover your goods in addition to taking from the above.
- You may not Loot while you are in a Death Robe from being defeated in PvP.
- If a player loots from another player, they may not log out for the following 30 minutes, and may not discard the item(s) nor place them in secure storage during that time.

- A Thief may only attempt to steal the following items:
         1. Gold Coins,
         2. Consumables, excluding Bandages,
         3. Reagents,
         4. Any book, scroll, or magic item,
         5. Any kind of gems.
- A Thief may attempt to steal from anyone, but once they successfully steal an item, they may not target the same character again for 1 hour.
- If a player is stolen from, spots the theft, and downs the Thief, that player may recover their goods in addition to looting as normal.
- Thieves are forewarned that getting caught Stealing is grounds for immediate PvP, and that the consequences of being caught and apprehended potentially stretch far beyond the mechanical hazards.
- You may neither Steal while in a Death Robe, nor Steal from someone who is in a Death Robe.
- If a player steals from another player, they may not log out for the following 30 minutes, and may not discard the item(s) nor place them in secure storage during that time.

[Many of these prohibited spells have been removed from circulation or made uncastable. These rules still apply even if you find a way to get around these measures.]

- Mages are limited to one summoned creature at a time; these may not include Daemons, Blade Spirits, or Energy Vortexes.
- Mages are allowed 1 Summoned Elemental in PvE. Arrangements for PvP may be made between respective guild leaders.
- All Area of Effect skills are banned both in PvP and PvE.
- All travel spells except for Teleport are banned.

- The use of Lightning Strike is forbidden.

- The use of the spells Wither, Poison Strike, and Vengeful Spirit is forbidden.

- The use of the spells Dryad's Allure, Essence of Wind, Summon Fey, Summon Fiend, Thunderstorm, and Wildfire is forbidden.

- The use of the spells Animated Weapon, Cleansing Winds, Mass Sleep, Nether Cyclone, and Rising Colossus is prohibited.

- Tamers may only use one 2-slot, or up to two 1-slot pets in battle.
- If a Tamer is "killed", he may no longer issue targeting commands to his pets.
- If a pet is "killed" in PvP, it may not re-enter combat for 30 minutes.
- If a pet is "killed" in PvP, the tamer may not substitute in a secondary pet.

- You must possess 70 Tinkering skill to use a Golem in battle.
- You must possess 70 Tinkering skill to use a Clockwork Scorpion in battle.
- You may not use Leather Wolves, Vollems, or Kotl Automatons.

- Skill Masteries may not be used.

Morphing/Shapeshifting of Any Kind
- The use of different forms (Polymorphing, Animal Form, Vampiric Embrance, etc.) may only be used if your character is permanently in that form, for instance because you are playing a guard dog.

#20 Re: In Character Board » The Altmerean Merchant's League Charter » 2017-05-06 01:38:35

*A loopy, intricate signature is affixed in thin script in the members' section:*

Marah Ulfing

#21 Re: General Chatter » The super-glorious faces behind the pixels (Picture Thread) » 2017-04-24 20:45:04

TIL the lizard people have taken control of even our lowly freeshard

#22 In Character Board » [News] The Altmerian, Issue #1 - March 27, 2017 - Altmere Abandoned? » 2017-03-27 16:28:42

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Covian forces reportedly suffered heavy casualties during their breakout.

Following a pitched battle before the walls of Altmere, in which a large orcish warband advancing on the city from Avaricia was destroyed, the city's Covian Army garrison has marched off in the direction of Cove in what appears to have been an unannounced - and possibly unplanned - withdrawal from Altmere. Sources say that Commander Osric Orson, the garrison's commanding officer, led a force comprising the majority of the Covian Army's locally stationed personnel in a sortie from the east gate with the stated intention of providing a diversion for a raid on the siege camps by the militia. However, no sooner had the garrison formed up beyond the gate than a large warband of orcs exited the treeline and advanced on them! Showing their characteristic discipline and valor, the army held firm and prevailed despite being vastly outnumbered. The cheers from the walls soon died to confused murmuring, however, when instead of returning to the safety of the walls the garrison pressed on and continued their march on the road to Cove! For several minutes the assembled crowds watched in growing panic as the Covian banners disappeared over the horizon, all the while half-expecting them to about-face and return. When that did not happen, the remaining troops - now noticed to comprise solely of local recruits - dispersed the crowd. A tense silence, like the hours before a storm breaks, has since settled over the city.

Questions abound. Was the retreat from Altmere planned? If it was, was the plan authorized? By whom? Did the Count know about it, and, if so, why did he not depart with the rest of the Covian authorities? This alone maintains hope that perhaps this withdrawal was part of a larger effort. Perhaps the Baron of Cove has not forsaken his frontier holdings, and even now an army gathers in Covianshire, preparing to march to our relief? Already the city's refugee population whispers that Altmere has taken the first step toward meeting the same fate as Blackwell and countless other villages. But it seems difficult to believe that Cove would abandon Altmere, the last defensible position between the North and the plague-wracked world beyond. And if that is indeed what has happened, who now rules Altmere? Does not the Count's authority stem from his appointment as governor by the Baron of Cove? What is the status of the city's mage population, now that the Army has withdrawn, and service can no longer guarantee them sanction to work their talents?

For now, this writer sees only one silver lining in this cloud of uncertainty: the militia's raid on the west camp, now revealed to have been a diversion for the eastern force's breakout, was an unexpected and resounding success. Caught by surprise, the orcs were unable to stop the raiders from entering their encampment and destroying their stores. What's more, an undermining tunnel filled with explosives was discovered, and the orcs' own blasting powder turned against them. The militia retreated to the safety of the walls just in time to witness the orcs' main camp explode in a shower of dirt, splintered wood, and bewildered greenskins. The remaining orcs seem to have retreated into the wilderness, but they doubtless remain in the region in great numbers. For now, though, the siege has been lifted. Whether that remains the case will yet be seen.

Marah Ulfing, esq.

#23 In Character Board » [Report] Madness and Ruin! » 2017-02-06 13:14:07

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Lead by: James Drummond, City Watchman
Attended: Rhu Mayne, the Barkeeper
               Reznik, the Blacksmith
               Mozar, Mozar.
               Elise Dorain, Probable Witch
               Ernie Keaton, Random Unlucky Man

Having been ordered by my superiors to investigate reports of brigands stockpiling blackpowder to the south, I gathered up a small group of concerned citizens and set out to have a look. We were unceremoniously routed. I then gathered a slightly larger group of slightly more concerned citizens, and set out again. This time, we gained entry to the small coastal fort where the activity was reported, and eliminated a small group of vagrants, criminals, exiles, and other ne'er-do-wells that attacked us there. Searching the area, we found an unmarked map of the local area, and several empty powder kegs. We were unable to find any indication of what'd happened with the blackpowder.

Having also been informed of strange activity near the ruins of the Arcane Company Headquarters, we had a quick look around. The bridge was in ruins, the waves of the bay breaking on the collapsed remains of the tower. A single door - formerly the entrance - hung by a single hinge at the end.

Mozar opened it, walked through, and disappeared. The rest ran to look over the edge, expecting to see his corpse dashed upon the rocks. There was nothing. Another moved into the doorway to get a better look, and disappeared. Baffled, the rest followed.

There we found ourselves in what appeared to be the Arcane Company HQ. However, every step we took brought a new and bizarre twist. Stairwells would extend downward forever, but attempting to backtrack would lead to a new and unlooked-for destination. Pristine hallways turned to nightmarish abbatoirs, then back to normal, in the blink of an eye. A room full of scantily-clad women, if entered, became a blood-splattered nest of harpies. Every attempt to backtrack led to a new horror. With the party's morale beginning to flag, we pressed on.

In a ruined library infested with imps, we found scraps of a journal belonging to an old Arcane Company Officer, Ilyana Drachen, which spoke of an arcane disaster which none of us could really puzzle out. The document has since been handed over to the Church. Beyond a gaping hole in the library wall, there was only darkness - but a man could walk upon it if he tried. Unseen foes assaulted us from every side, but we pressed on until the darkness gave way to a strange chamber marked with sorcerous runes.

What happened in that room I am not at liberty to disclose on public record. I can say only that Mozar was slain, but the rest of us escaped. Everything recovered from the ruins was handed over to the care of the Church. Needless to say, it is advised that all citizens keep a safe distance from the bridge, and report any strange occurrences in the vicinity to the City Watch.

James Drummond,

#24 Re: Out Of Character Board » Bug Reports » 2017-02-01 01:24:48

- NPC Vendors will buy items from players indefinitely.
- Guild names are still broken.
- Custom Housing roof tiles are still broken.

#25 In Character Board » [Lore] Summary of Covian/Altmerian History » 2017-01-31 23:59:38

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    For much of her history, Cove was a backwater village of fishermen and miners, overshadowed and dominated by neighboring Vesper and Minoc. Indeed, following the Northern Revolts, Cove spent many years as a vassal state of the fledgeling Vesperian Republic. The tiny village was often overlooked by her Vesperian overlords, with the fief customarily granted to disgraced nobility as a form of insult. Thus, when Cove was overrun by orcs some years later, a local nobleman who approached the Vesperian government seeking assistance was granted the title of Baron of Cove. He was then sent home empty-handed.
    This man, Octiovus von Richter, rallied the Covian peasants and, assisted by foreign volunteers and mercenaries, decisively defeated the orcish invasion. By the end of the campaign, the new Covian Militia was a large and seasoned fighting force, vastly disproportionate to the civilian population of the village. Backed by his new army, Octiovus declared independence from Vesper.
    Over the next decade, Cove carved out a small regional empire, annexing the neighboring Britannian provinces of Altmere, Templewood, and Blackwell. In that short span of time, Covian armies marched in every corner of the continent, fighting both alongside and against almost every major power at some time or another. Time and again, Royalist and Republican alike attempted to restore the status quo, returning Cove to its status as a fifth-rate backwoods mudhole, and time and again they failed.
    By the time of the Great Plague, Cove ruled a stretch of territory running from the Templewood River and the approaches to Britain in the West, to the Mountains of Avarice and the outskirts of Vesper in the East. During the years immediately following the initial outbreak, Covian armies marched to the aid of the Yewish in their doomed fight against the Plague Hordes, scoured the Templewood of all human settlements, and completed a long-delayed project to build a curtain wall around the principal settlement in the province of Altmere.

    The eighty years since the outbreak of the Great Plague have not been kind to Cove. Though the Scouring of Templewood spared her from an undead invasion at the time, rumors now abound that the Plague Hordes have finally overwhelmed the Kingdom of Britannia, and now gather to deliver the killing blow to continental civilization - and Altmere is in their direct path.
    The once mighty Covian Army has been reduced to a shadow of its former self by decades of famines, revolts, and conflicts with the resurgent orcs of the Glenmore and Avarician mountains. The monstrous creatures that lurk the wilderness have grown bolder and bolder with each passing year, encouraged by the weakness of the once-great city-states and the near total absence of armed patrols on the roads. Needless to say, even minimal contact between cities has become exceedingly difficult to maintain.

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