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[Lore] Summary of Covian/Altmerian History

    For much of her history, Cove was a backwater village of fishermen and miners, overshadowed and dominated by neighboring Vesper and Minoc. Indeed, following the Northern Revolts, Cove spent many years as a vassal state of the fledgeling Vesperian Republic. The tiny village was often overlooked by her Vesperian overlords, with the fief customarily granted to disgraced nobility as a form of insult. Thus, when Cove was overrun by orcs some years later, a local nobleman who approached the Vesperian government seeking assistance was granted the title of Baron of Cove. He was then sent home empty-handed.
    This man, Octiovus von Richter, rallied the Covian peasants and, assisted by foreign volunteers and mercenaries, decisively defeated the orcish invasion. By the end of the campaign, the new Covian Militia was a large and seasoned fighting force, vastly disproportionate to the civilian population of the village. Backed by his new army, Octiovus declared independence from Vesper.
    Over the next decade, Cove carved out a small regional empire, annexing the neighboring Britannian provinces of Altmere, Templewood, and Blackwell. In that short span of time, Covian armies marched in every corner of the continent, fighting both alongside and against almost every major power at some time or another. Time and again, Royalist and Republican alike attempted to restore the status quo, returning Cove to its status as a fifth-rate backwoods mudhole, and time and again they failed.
    By the time of the Great Plague, Cove ruled a stretch of territory running from the Templewood River and the approaches to Britain in the West, to the Mountains of Avarice and the outskirts of Vesper in the East. During the years immediately following the initial outbreak, Covian armies marched to the aid of the Yewish in their doomed fight against the Plague Hordes, scoured the Templewood of all human settlements, and completed a long-delayed project to build a curtain wall around the principal settlement in the province of Altmere.

    The eighty years since the outbreak of the Great Plague have not been kind to Cove. Though the Scouring of Templewood spared her from an undead invasion at the time, rumors now abound that the Plague Hordes have finally overwhelmed the Kingdom of Britannia, and now gather to deliver the killing blow to continental civilization - and Altmere is in their direct path.
    The once mighty Covian Army has been reduced to a shadow of its former self by decades of famines, revolts, and conflicts with the resurgent orcs of the Glenmore and Avarician mountains. The monstrous creatures that lurk the wilderness have grown bolder and bolder with each passing year, encouraged by the weakness of the once-great city-states and the near total absence of armed patrols on the roads. Needless to say, even minimal contact between cities has become exceedingly difficult to maintain.


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