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[Report] Madness and Ruin!


Lead by: James Drummond, City Watchman
Attended: Rhu Mayne, the Barkeeper
               Reznik, the Blacksmith
               Mozar, Mozar.
               Elise Dorain, Probable Witch
               Ernie Keaton, Random Unlucky Man

Having been ordered by my superiors to investigate reports of brigands stockpiling blackpowder to the south, I gathered up a small group of concerned citizens and set out to have a look. We were unceremoniously routed. I then gathered a slightly larger group of slightly more concerned citizens, and set out again. This time, we gained entry to the small coastal fort where the activity was reported, and eliminated a small group of vagrants, criminals, exiles, and other ne'er-do-wells that attacked us there. Searching the area, we found an unmarked map of the local area, and several empty powder kegs. We were unable to find any indication of what'd happened with the blackpowder.

Having also been informed of strange activity near the ruins of the Arcane Company Headquarters, we had a quick look around. The bridge was in ruins, the waves of the bay breaking on the collapsed remains of the tower. A single door - formerly the entrance - hung by a single hinge at the end.

Mozar opened it, walked through, and disappeared. The rest ran to look over the edge, expecting to see his corpse dashed upon the rocks. There was nothing. Another moved into the doorway to get a better look, and disappeared. Baffled, the rest followed.

There we found ourselves in what appeared to be the Arcane Company HQ. However, every step we took brought a new and bizarre twist. Stairwells would extend downward forever, but attempting to backtrack would lead to a new and unlooked-for destination. Pristine hallways turned to nightmarish abbatoirs, then back to normal, in the blink of an eye. A room full of scantily-clad women, if entered, became a blood-splattered nest of harpies. Every attempt to backtrack led to a new horror. With the party's morale beginning to flag, we pressed on.

In a ruined library infested with imps, we found scraps of a journal belonging to an old Arcane Company Officer, Ilyana Drachen, which spoke of an arcane disaster which none of us could really puzzle out. The document has since been handed over to the Church. Beyond a gaping hole in the library wall, there was only darkness - but a man could walk upon it if he tried. Unseen foes assaulted us from every side, but we pressed on until the darkness gave way to a strange chamber marked with sorcerous runes.

What happened in that room I am not at liberty to disclose on public record. I can say only that Mozar was slain, but the rest of us escaped. Everything recovered from the ruins was handed over to the care of the Church. Needless to say, it is advised that all citizens keep a safe distance from the bridge, and report any strange occurrences in the vicinity to the City Watch.

James Drummond,


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