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Rules of Engagement (RoE) - Rules governing PvP, skills, etc.

- Use common sense and be considerate of other players at all times.
- Real-world Racist, Homophobic, and otherwise Hateful speech will not be tolerated In- or Out-Of-Character.
- Stay In-Character at all times. If you need to speak Out-Of-Character, use Party, Guild, or an out-of-game Chat.
- Overhead names and Guild Tags are Out-Of-Character information. You cannot know someone's name, rank, affiliation, etc. without finding out In Character.
- Do not use Out Of Character information in game: your character only knows what they learn through roleplay.
- Do not use the 'leave house' function inside a player house to escape. You can’t just magically teleport out of a building.
- Avoid "god-mode" or "power-emoting" at other players. If you wish to resolve an action against another player via emote, either negotiate it beforehand OOC or leave the outcome open-ended. ("Tries to-" rather than "Does-").
- Guild Abbreviations must be kept visible at all times.
- Complaints, grievances, and other issues between players should be brought to either their respective Guildmasters or to the Server Staff for mediation.
- No references to or depictions of the following topics are allowed for any reason: sexual assault/abuse, domestic violence, and/or death of children.
- Refrain from running scripts/macros while AFK. If you are performing actions, you should be able to respond if approached by someone seeking to interact.

- Be sure that your target or targets are not AFK before attacking.
- Offer alternatives to combat where appropriate, especially when dealing with a clearly outmatched opponent (take them prisoner, extort tribute, chase them from your territory, etc).
- If you are "killed" in PvP, you must wear a default grey Death Robe for 30 minutes upon resurrecting. During this time you may not rejoin the battle, and may not be attacked, but you must roleplay injury and/or incapacitation.
- If you do not wish to be taken prisoner, it is advised that you vacate the area.
- You may not rejoin the fight with an alternate character during the 30 minute death robe period.

[Note that while most of these items have been rendered inaccessible, the system is not perfect. These items are still illegal to use even if you find a way to acquire them despite staff's efforts. Some exceptions may be made for plot-specific, unique magic items - in these cases, the items will be clearly marked as such.]
- NO magical properties are allowed on equipment of any kind other than the maximum of 50% Damage Increase conferred to weapons crafted by a Grandmaster craftsman.
- ALL Talismans are forbidden except in crafting.**
- ALL magic jewelry is forbidden.
- ALL Library/Cleanup/Etc. reward equipment is forbidden.**
- Archers may use weapons crafted from special wood types, along with the magic properties those confer, as well as a generic craftable quiver.
- ALL Stealable Balms and Lotions are forbidden.
- ALL Eodon/Time of Legends craftable potions are forbidden.
**Crafting Talismans earned through these systems, as well as through BOD Rewards, may be used.

Yellow Bags
- Players are encouraged, but not required, to carry a bright yellow bag in the top level of their pack and fill this bag with various trinkets and valuables. This bag functions as an opt-in for being stolen from and looted beyond the scope of the rules below.
- Players who wish to loot or steal from another player's Yellow Bag must carry one themselves, and ensure that it is stocked.
- Any item(s) contained within the Yellow Bag may be looted, in any quantity, in addition to the normal looting/stealing rules.

- Any player may loot any other player's corpse, however they may only take ONE of the following:
         1. Up to 250 Gold coins,
         2. Up to 5 total Consumable items (Potions, Petals, Grapes of Wrath, etc.), excluding Bandages,
         3. Up to 10 total Reagents,
         4. Any single Book, Scroll, or Magic Item,
         5. Up to 10 of any kind of kind of gems.
- No player may loot the same character more than once per hour.
- If you later down a player who looted you, you may recover your goods in addition to taking from the above.
- You may not Loot while you are in a Death Robe from being defeated in PvP.
- If a player loots from another player, they may not log out for the following 30 minutes, and may not discard the item(s) nor place them in secure storage during that time.

- A Thief may only attempt to steal the following items:
         1. Gold Coins,
         2. Consumables, excluding Bandages,
         3. Reagents,
         4. Any book, scroll, or magic item,
         5. Any kind of gems.
- A Thief may attempt to steal from anyone, but once they successfully steal an item, they may not target the same character again for 1 hour.
- If a player is stolen from, spots the theft, and downs the Thief, that player may recover their goods in addition to looting as normal.
- Thieves are forewarned that getting caught Stealing is grounds for immediate PvP, and that the consequences of being caught and apprehended potentially stretch far beyond the mechanical hazards.
- You may neither Steal while in a Death Robe, nor Steal from someone who is in a Death Robe.
- If a player steals from another player, they may not log out for the following 30 minutes, and may not discard the item(s) nor place them in secure storage during that time.

[Many of these prohibited spells have been removed from circulation or made uncastable. These rules still apply even if you find a way to get around these measures.]

- Mages are limited to one summoned creature at a time; these may not include Daemons, Blade Spirits, or Energy Vortexes.
- Mages are allowed 1 Summoned Elemental in PvE. Arrangements for PvP may be made between respective guild leaders.
- All Area of Effect skills are banned both in PvP and PvE.
- All travel spells except for Teleport are banned.

- The use of Lightning Strike is forbidden.

- The use of the spells Wither, Poison Strike, and Vengeful Spirit is forbidden.

- The use of the spells Dryad's Allure, Essence of Wind, Summon Fey, Summon Fiend, Thunderstorm, and Wildfire is forbidden.

- The use of the spells Animated Weapon, Cleansing Winds, Mass Sleep, Nether Cyclone, and Rising Colossus is prohibited.

- Tamers may only use one 2-slot, or up to two 1-slot pets in battle.
- If a Tamer is "killed", he may no longer issue targeting commands to his pets.
- If a pet is "killed" in PvP, it may not re-enter combat for 30 minutes.
- If a pet is "killed" in PvP, the tamer may not substitute in a secondary pet.

- You must possess 70 Tinkering skill to use a Golem in battle.
- You must possess 70 Tinkering skill to use a Clockwork Scorpion in battle.
- You may not use Leather Wolves, Vollems, or Kotl Automatons.

- Skill Masteries may not be used.

Morphing/Shapeshifting of Any Kind
- The use of different forms (Polymorphing, Animal Form, Vampiric Embrance, etc.) may only be used if your character is permanently in that form, for instance because you are playing a guard dog.


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Re: Rules of Engagement (RoE) - Rules governing PvP, skills, etc.

Updated on 4/24/2020 to include Gems in the list of items that can be stolen or looted.


#3 2020-06-18 19:12:40

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Re: Rules of Engagement (RoE) - Rules governing PvP, skills, etc.

Updated on 6/18/2020 to include Yellow Bags and add a clause restricting Thieves/Looters from logging out, trashing their ill-gotten goods, or placing those items in secure storage within 30 minutes of the act.


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