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Diary Entry July 8th, 2020

An entry in someone's diary

Dear Diary,

I feel more and more like everything is going to shit. Like holding onto hope is a fool's errand. Everyday there's always something sinister slithering from the shadows. One day it's an evil mage building things out of who knows how many bodies of our people. The next it's an undead fortress. Then murders in our local tavern. Pirate raids...  *smudged ink where water marks appear*... our docks. Crime Syndicates from Cove. All while the Covians continue looming like an ever present tumor on the horizon. Why is the world like this? We just want to live in peace, but why does it feel like the world itself will never allow Altmere to be a peaceful place?

Everyday I push myself a little bit more. An extra patrol here. Helping someone there. I can feel myself stretching. Like the leather on a rack out in the sun. I'm so tired. I know it's not just me. The others are too. We all push ourselves so hard for the smallest inch of ground we gain. But the world keeps taking entire feet right back. I'm so tired. I'm tired of us getting seemingly nowhere. I'm tired of our victories creating a hole for whatever comes next to fill it. But most of all, I'm just plain tired of the false face of hope that I'm forced to put on. Of the fake smile I use to comfort others.

-No name signed


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