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The Final Cleansing of the Pirate Fort

In a final effort this afternoon the Royal Blackwell Guard and the Altmere Militia joined forces to raid, dismantle and weed out the final criminals and pirates in the fort to the North of Nottinbury Outpost in Blackwell. About 27,000 in gold was recovered with nearly 90% being sent back to Altmere in support. Weapons, goods and wares were distributed among those whom assisted in this the forts final cleansing.

In an unexpected moment upon making their way back to the Outpost the joint unit was ambushed by a troop of Covians seemingly attacking Nottinbury Outpost. The Royal Blackwell Guard and Altmere Militia made short work of the smaller military band.

It is now expected that the Royal Blackwell Guard and some Blackwell locals will begin the daunting task of rebuilding the Fort along with the Township of Blackwell on a whole.


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