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Marcus Kobra
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Twilight in Blackwell

Judicael woke with a jolt, a long knife coming up and stopping short of a familiar pair of dark eyes flickering in the the waning hearth-fire. Those eyes were somewhat wider, wilder than normal, greasy brown hair lay askew and matted to a puckered brow.
“We must away Cousin, they've come. . .  Tis already begun in the city proper.”
Jud grunted and rubbed his eyes.
“Jirren, wha-how?” He yawned
“No time, yer riding boots and breeches, grab a gambes--” Jirren's harsh whisper was cut short as the chamber door swung open with a bang. Neither recognized him but his eyes were cold coals in the flickering light, moonlight from the hall cast his shadow like Death's own specter across the bed.
“Yer afforded the right of ransom if yer surrender!” he cried looking directly at Jud. Jirren did not hesitate and sprung forward with a practiced overhand swing of his claymore. The would be assailant raised his shield but not nearly soon enough. Jirren's blade connected sinking into the wooden targe a good three inches and sundered the shadow's face. He shrieked as bright crimson splattered the white washed plaster of the walls. Jirren stepped in on the back swing pressing the howling man into the wall and brought the blade firmly against his throat and gave a quick jerk opening his neck. A gurgle, wide eyes pleading, then silence after he hit the floorboards with a thud.

Jirren spun on a heel and beckoned for Jud to hurry whilst he watched the door. Moments later, yet an eternity in silence the pair stepped into the hall, the moonlight bathed the oak floors brightly but every wall sconce, table, and potted plant created ominous shadows. They crept out into a study when Jirren paused and pointed with his blade to a nearby planter. Jud's mouth curled up on one side as his nose wrinkled and his eyes squint into the twilight. He saw nothing. Jirren crept into the room a bit more then like a fencer with a foil he sprung forward blade leading. Suddenly from right beside the plant, foliage dropped and a figure skittered back. A click followed by a thunk was heard then a clatter of the figures hand crossbow as his weapon hissed from its scabbard. The figure was clad in green and his blade gave no reflection in the moonlight. A twirling swing from Jirren had the sneak on the defensive yet other shadows rose up about him. Another leveled swing to his right then over hand to his left had two such shadows crying out from the darkness. The first looked left then right and began stalking around a large Yewwood desk. Cold comfort for a man armed with a short sword but effective at keeping the cleaving monster at bay.
“Baron will pay you for that one!” His chin thrust towards Jud yet his eyes lingered on Jirren drifting across the room.
Jirren turned slightly letting the moonlight wash over him in profile, the shadow's face sunk when he gazed upon the black scale mail and ashen black sash. He would not sway this adversary.
“I am an Ebonguard, a sworn cousin, I serve without question, because that is what I do. If death comes, I will fight with strength. The darkness may claim me but I will not fade without resistance. In my final moments, my foes will pay a dear price for my life; My vengeance will never be enough for all the grief you've wrought Covian dog!” As Jirren finished his epithet a long shadow grabbed Jud, a side table toppled and both landed upon a runner. Jud grasped for anything he could as his assailant grinned from ear to ear with cold eyes and drew out his knife. His stretching hand wrapped about a silver candle holder and he swung with all his might. The assailant fell back and Jud pounced swinging repeatedly. Heavy thuds gave way to wet and sickly noises, his foe groaned and gurgled then went silent and still Jud swung.
Across the room Jirren's glare fell upon the remaining Covian, he stepped left and the Covian went right, then the other way, then two more opposite. He could not circle around and leave Jud open, nor could he close with his foe. They went back and forth for mere moments eyes darting then like lightning Jirren sent a decanter of Brandy sailing at his foe and leapt upon the desk swinging low in a sweeping arc. His blade skittered off the leathers of the Covian but he kicked out one long leg and caught him in the chin sending him sprawling. He stepped off the desk and brought his boot down upon the man's chest knocking the wind full from him, a two handed coupe de grace between the gorget seam ended it quickly. He spun and rushed to Jud and yanked him off his foe the candle stick clattering and rolling across the floor through an ever ebbing sanguine pool. He shoved his charge towards the kitchen and the scullery door. There in the kitchen they found the old maid, two quarrels protruding from her chest. Both froze and stared, the night was already so barbaric, but then this....

Their stunned pause was broken by the rapport of cannons firing.
“My Father, where is he Jirren!?”
“No time that’s the robinets, means the Covians are here in force or will be soon. Go out the door now, towards the stable.”
They rushed towards the stable as the cannons boomed again, fire and lightning shot towards the guns then bounced back and once again. The house Wizard's wards had worked however the Covian Arcanist out there would have those same wards, yet while the crews remained unscathed the guns unloaded a deadly hail of grape sized lead.
“Lets see them ward that!”
Only one horse remained, a beast even the Dragoons ignored, an old nag but she could canter faster than most men could run. They got her saddled and out the gate when a pair of arrows struck the dirt near them.
“'Lo there! Hold fast, those next shots will nay miss. By order of em Baron yer to surrender Ser!”
Four Bronze Clad men closed with them. Jirren helped hoist Jud into the saddle, they looked each other in the eyes. Jirren's clear and piercing whilst Jud's wavered. Both knew what came next. “Hiya!” Jirren smacked the old nag and sent her galloping along. The archers fired and narrowly missed as Jirren stalked up to the other pair. The clash of metal upon metal rang out. Jud could still hear their battle for many minutes above the old nags hooves churning dirt and mud, the roar of cannon rang out again then fell silent. The nag thundered on unguided, Jud had no time to take up the reigns and merely held on for his life. The city smoldered behind him, the sun had finally set upon Blackwell county.

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