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Scouting Report: Eastern Forest and Mountains Threats

A Report on the Marshal's Desk

The following were discovered during my recent scouting expedition into the Eastern Mountains and Forest.

The Eastern Mountains seem to be teeming with Orges, Trolls, and Ettins. Only a few seem to be dwelling outside of the mountain caves, but that could change at anytime. I will note that I saw a few Orges that seemed larger than the others. Perhaps some kind of Alpha Orge or Orge Lord? I cannot say the extent to which how deep the caverns go. I would advise miners avoid the area until more scouting can be performed with a larger party, so that we can figure out what spots are safe to mine. Last thing we need is to break through the walls of some large cavern that's packed with all kinds of nasties.

The Eastern Forest in the immediate vicinity of Altmere seems rather safe, minus the Covians of course. However the same cannot be said for the rest of the forest once you pass between the mountain and the coast. The dangers are numerous and varied. It stands to reason that there of course may be more, but I spotted the following.
-A small Ratmen Camp on the Far North Eastern portion of the forest, not far from the coast.
-Several Undead in the form of Headless Ones.
-A few Orges in which I once again spotted one of those "Ogre Lords" among them.
-There were also a few scattered Mogbats throughout the Forest, but they didn't seem to stick together.

I also spotted someone's home out in the Eastern Forest, on the North East sides of the mountains. I peeked my head in and found no one home, though it certainly looks like someone is living there. Given the dangers present in the area, they're either capable of fending off threats or they've been lucky enough to not attract attention.

-Signed Sorsha Ravenhart, Altmere Militia

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