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Altmere Militia Report: Dark Magic?

[Seen sitting on the Marshal's desk]

REPORT: Upon entering the mage's shop as normal to sell collected goods, I noticed a glimmer behind the shop curtains that I hadn't seen before. It was a door leading to a staircase and a second floor, which I was allowed to inspect with no resistance from the shopkeep. On the second floor were many rooms, one of them containing two bodies cut apart and other macabre sights. Before I had more time to look a, possibly bearded, figure in a red cloak appeared before me from nothing. I ran to grab reinforcements, the only one at the time being Sorsha, and brought her back to the shop. It wasn't far into the second go around that a giant beast made from flesh attacked and chased us through the city.

It took a while, but we finally killed the creature. Another of our numbers, I believe his name is Felix, showed up just as Sorsha was cutting the flesh creature apart. With increased manpower we took a third go at the shop. This time almost the entire second floor was up in flames with a fire creature storming around the rooms. Once it was taken care of and all the fires were put out we checked for the person in red. They were long gone, as well as the bodies, but we found some damaged traces of what they were possibly working with, such as a book, strange looking bones, and other various items.

For good measure we went on patrol through the city. We checked high and low, but all that was found were hostile folk roaming the streets and sewers. I believe the red cloaked figure has since left the city, but might return. We tried to question the few witnesses we had, but they had no information for us. It could be in our best interests to keep an eye on the mage's shop.


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