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Watcher's Rite - Naomi Avius

"Naomi... Naomi..." Hemrod repeated to himself as he stared into the blank piece of paper, intent on finding some clever way for the young girl from Britain to prove herself. His mother had always said power comes from knowledge, his father claimed it comes from strength and the flight of hard steel. In Hemrod's mind power was walking the fine line between the two. He started writing...

Naomi Avius,

For your Watcher's Rites I have decided to send you forth to supplement the Watch's knowledge of the Great Enemy. I want you to scour the woods surrounding Blackwell, carefully and discreetly, and gather intelligence on the different types of Walkers out there. I want you to document every little detail about them, their patterns, feeding habits, pack mentality and any noticeable weaknesses. I expect a full report below upon completion.

Guard the living, keep the dead.

-Signed, Watch Marshal Hemrod Skagrin.

Task List

  • Study the Watcher's Vows.

        Learn them, understand them, memorize them.

  • Complete a detailed report on the Walkers around Blackwell.

        Study them, know them, so we may better kill them.

  • Gather 500 feathers for the Watch stores.

        Our bows need arrows, and apparently feathers are one of the resources needed! So get pluckin'!

  • Rally the Watch!

        Organize an event of any kind whether it be wall duty, forest patrol, training drill or a fundraiser.



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Re: Watcher's Rite - Naomi Avius

* A neatly Written reports sits on the war table folded up*

As instructed Hemrod, I went to the west forest to start to the search and research of our enemy. it seemed quiet enough during the day light. So I found a nice clearing where the birds were feasting on seeds and worms, I started the hunt there. As night neared I expected to have some walkers around, I could hear the damn things out in the dark. Night grew more heavy and the light was gone, being to stubborn I didn't use my own light from my lantern favoring that of my shield more. That's when it started; They were coming, my guess drawn to the birds blood on me.

The Great Shade:
I didn't see this one that much as it was hard to see it's outline in the dark night, it remained closer to the trees then I was. I could feel it watching me as I fought off basic zombies but I couldn't see it. Then it came out in front of me, bloody thing walked right out of the shadows. It started talking, something about shadows. I couldn't understand it really. The shadows start to move around it, and from it's hands crawled Shades. If I had to guess it's a shade summoner or some greater thing. Wears some sort of what looks like amour when it's in it's humanoid form, not that of the black robed ones. It turned into a Shade once when I encountered it, sadly to wrapped up in it's summoned shades it slipped away. It didn't have any direct combat with me. It's a humanoid shadow creature that can summon shades and talks.

The Shades
The shades summoned from the 'greater shade' look like shadows come to life. Ghost, spirits, magic? I don't know. They are partly see through unless you really focus on them. They look almost humanoid like with a shape of a head a torso two arms, but no legs instead a long spine. It makes ghostly like sounds, and has strong magic. Notable ones are lightning poison fireball heal and teleport. The Greater Shade summoned three of them on me, I was able to hold out against two of them before succumbing to the third. Once I was able to collect myself once more the Shades were gone.

Blood Covered Zombies
I came across two of these, blood coated zombies like they are just ate or attacked something. They are red tainted 'skin' and move and act like any other zombie would.

Rotting Zombie
A very powerful zombie that has a green tint to it's skin, I was a fool to try and go up against it in close range melee. I was badly poisoned just by it touching me. It's got something on it's skin. I would try to advice using bows and cross bows when coming across this zombie or have a lot of strong cures. With worm eaten hands so bloated with noxious gasses and scarred by decay, it causes their flesh to hang off in ragged strips. These creatures are deadly poisonous.

Strange Zombie
This 'person' I came across heading back to the fort. It.... I don't know what to say, it looked like a man. Stood like a man acted like a man, even tried to speak but it's words to rotten to fully understand. All that I was able to get was " Help me ". I didn't know what to do, it was a man Yellow tainted skin. if I had to make a guess a zombie infected victim. maybe the past victim of those bloody zombies, I warned it not to come near as it stared at me with white eyes I couldn't see a pupil or iris's. Something is very wrong with this man, it wasn't hostile. it wondered back into the forest as I warned it to keep it's distance. did I make a good choice with that action, I don't know, could he have been saved again I don't know. 

Black Robed Figure
I also came across one of those black robed zombies, wondering the forest. almost aimlessly before it caught scent of me, then it was gone. it vanished into the trees and growth. A painful stab turned me around to face it, fiery orbs for eyes as it hissed. I instantly felt sick as if poisoned, avatar help me it hurt. I took a swing at it as it hissed at me backing off for a second before killing a near by animal and said something. The fractured arm bone healed as it kept with the attack " Burn Flesssh" it screamed as it took out a black bow with black arrows. I ducked behind a near by tree about to lunch a counter attack, it was gone.

As I see these beings more and More I'll Keep my reports up to date with anything else that we could use.

500 Feathers Have also been deposited into the fort crates.

I am afraid that I need rest after these battles and will try and get a group together when I am able. We will hopefully be able to find these new strange creatures to study watch and slay to make sure that the dead stay dead. Avatar bless my Shield to protect my Brothers and Sisters.

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Re: Watcher's Rite - Naomi Avius

* A rolled up scroll sitting in Hemrod's office on his desk*

After talking to you and getting a group together we met up at the fort, to much mush surprise Corrin and Alyson showed up as well as Derek and Mark. I gave them the run downs of what to expect as well as the possible foes we would be meeting out there. I also gave any thing that I learned myself from watching them as I said in my last report to you. They seemed ready and eager to get going, I made sure every one had what they needed before leading them out into the forest to the last known location of them creatures. Shades were there leading us further west the the first location, we came across a black stone well of some sort there. It seemed like another source for the ghosts and shades where coming from, as weary as I was about going near it or around it Derek quickly smashed the well to rumble with his hammer. Maybe just my paranoia, but if something would have happened to my charges...

The shades then seems to be getting more aggressive from a little more south location as we cleaned them up one by one. I feel like my information as well as suggestions kept us out of harms way for now. What happened next was more and more curious. A Black pulsing portal was found in the ground, we avoided it for now as more shades ambushed us as well as the Shadow man. It spoke again, though I still didn't understand it myself other then it said our end was near. It then spawned countless lesser shades, two of us were over run myself being one. When I came back around the others didn't seem to hurt, and the portal seemed to be getting stronger. Corrin thought it would be fun to drop his axe in, Derek various tools and materials. All this seemed to have done was make it stronger, before a deamon crawls out and attacked us. The shadow man re appears then behind it.

We were able to fight and 'kill' it before we surrounded the Shadow figure, it fled into the portal before it closed. The deamon body then rotten away, I suggested that we head back to town now before it got dark. On our way back we clean up any lingering shades from the mass. Even come across a orc brute that was taken down. I don't think I would be alive now without them to write this letter and reports without them. Being there with me it really helped, it makes me feel safer that we were able to push this back for now and protect the town. This does worry me though about these stone wells and this black portal, I'll keep my eyes open for any of these reappearing objects or any more of these things that crawl out. We couldn't find away to close these portals yet.

There was no other sign of the strange zombie, but I know it's out there.

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