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S'a hammerin'.

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Casualty List

Arthur Stafford, medical malpractice.

Brianna Keres, undead sacrifice.

Colin Hawk, had a bad trip.

Craystor Rake, exiled for murder - then murdered.

Hadrian Cole, died of plague.

Halfdan Orrson, undead sacrifice.

Halla Ulfing, police brutality.

Hector Orson, undead sacrifice.

Hew Phella, fought in the shades.

Krokus, never saw it coming.

Kyte, boxed in the jaw.

Lucian Cain, crossbow to the face.

Meriel Kelling, didn't expect the Inquisition.

Mozar, Sacrificed himself to stop someone sacrificing themselves to stop someone from sacrificing themselves.

Nathaniel Vane, got smoked...or did he!?

Ralof, eaten by a crocodile.

Rowan Grey, killed by a Defiled.

Rowdy Blackcoat, couldn't calm down.

Samuel Baker, hanged for murder.

Sibyl Crow, knife in the back.

Zanven Tarmikos, got hammered.


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