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Marching Orders and Clearing the Undead (Report by E. Westcotte)

General Fern sent out a pigeon in the afternoon asking us to line up at the stairs in the Outpost. When I arrived it was only Captain Davis waiting; apparently more trouble had cropped up at the pirate fort. Sergeant Major Flint had taken a small garrison of men to disburse the pirate hoard.

Although it was just Captain Davis and I; he still gave me a lesson in marching orders. We talked about the importance of formations and applying bandages to your brothers in arms.


After we had our marching in order we headed to Altmere; Captain Davis had word that the Altmere Militia was working on banishing some undead from the area around the town. When we arrived a more senior militiamen, Calder was his name, asked that Captain Davis provide some  basic training. After all Captain Davis was a military man and had formal training, as I did, in Britain.

Captain Davis gave them some basic orders and talked again about formation and healing.

After the short training we went out with the Altmere Militia. We went deep into the Undead caverns and disbursed the beasties swiftly. At one point the Calder fellow seem to disappear. Some kind of wytch evil sorcery. We managed to somehow bring him back but he was worse for ware.

In the end it was a successful joint mission and we were glad to assist the militia and the people of Altmere! We donated all the gold we looted back to the Altmere Militia, however I heard rumours a thief stole the loot before they put it in their coffers.

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