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Joseph Fern
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Character Bio


Joseph Fern

Governor General

Joe is of average height about 5'11' with broad shoulders, he has some age on his face and grey in his beard now. He is devotefuly faithful to the Avatar.

Originally born in Cove, Joe’s parents moved to Yew when he was still a toddler. His parents had hopes of building a farm and living a fruitful, peaceful life. That was of course before the lush meadows became swamps and Mondain released his legions in the area.  In his youth Joe watched his parents struggle with trying to keep arid farm fields to constant attacks by criminals and monsters alike. This set in motion Joe’s ambition to join the Yew Militia.
After many years of serving Yew, Joe, some of his fellow guardsmen and townfolk were requested by the King to restore order and peace in the Altmere area. They built and manned the Nottinbury Outpost in Blackwell.

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