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***A recruitment poster is nailed to a post near the bank***

Welcome to The Royal Blackwell Guard! We are a loyalist contingent deployed to the territories of Altmere known as The Royal Blackwell Guard. Our objective is to further restore order and peace to the  people of Blackwell. The Royal Blackwell Guard built Nottinbury Outpost upon their arrival and have since grown and expanded. This outpost is The Royal Blackwell Guards centre of operations where they train, and launch their patrols and outreach programmes throughout the surrounding area. Funded by the King, Lord Blackthorn; this development of Blackwell can only bring prosperity to the area with the new Guard looking to build homes and lives in town.

Are you tired of the bandits, pirates and orcs? Want to do something about it? Enlist today, and get a set of armour and weapon to hand, a warm place to stay and to serve your King proud. Land and a pension is awarded to Veterans of The Royal Blackwell Guard.

Pigeon Hole(s): Joseph Fern (Phyredup #0564) or Connor Davis (MB #6541)
(aka Discord)

Scroll Bag:
(aka E-mail)

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