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Whispers in the Altmere Slums

Well dressed but nefarious looking individuals have been spotted lurking around the Altmere slums and docks late at night.
These men are rumored to work for a well-known crime lord "Thaddeus Arkwright," based out of Cove. They have been offering work to those known to rub elbows in certain circles.

Opium Bottles 1,000 per
"The healers down in Blackwell has a few bottles of a highly effective opium. We'll pay for each bottle recovered."

Handwriting Samples - 2,000 per
"We have a forger in Cove who needs handwriting samples of Covian paperwork. We need examples of the seals they use, the format of their documents,
signature samples from their politicians, everything. We understand there's a couple Covian outposts along the Altmere boarder, and we'd rather documents turn
up missing here in Altmere than back in Cove. Hell, there may even be a few gathering dust in the old capital building."

Stolen Gems - 3,000 per bag
"Some amateurs managed to hit a caravan under our protection. A couple bags of gem stones were taken that we'd like recovered.
Pick it from their pockets or yank it from their dead hands, we don't care. Just get them back. The thugs in questions were last seen Northeast of Altmere."

(OOC: Keep in mind that these men would likely not offer these jobs to members of the militia or well-known do-gooders. Use your own discretion
whether or not you think they would offer you work.

To collect payment, simply drop the requested item into your bank box and double click.

In character; it's assumed that when you take the job you'll be given the name of a late night bank teller on Thaddeus' payroll,
as well as a password to give them when you have the item. They'll place the item in a lockbox belonging to one of Thaddeus' thugs.
When the item is recovered, the gold promised will be transferred to your characters account.

As with the bounties, we ask that solo players not clear the entire list in a single evening. Not as a rule, just as a favor.
We'd prefer everyone get a fair chance to partake in the missions. But if the jobs have been up for several days or you're doing them as a group; go nuts.)


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