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Watcher's Rite - Sasha Wainwright

"The Great Enemy assembles its armies in the south, prepared to ride over this land with naught but destruction in their wake. If we are to survive, then we must prepare."

Throughout this trial you will complete tasks that shall display your commitment to the cause, your loyalty to the Watch and your ability to perform your duties as is expected of a Midnight Watcher. Upon successful completion you may prepare to take your vows and be raised to the rank of Watcher.

  • Study the Watcher's Vows.

        Learn them, understand them, memorize them.

  • Perform an inspection of the walls surrounding Blackwell.

        Make sure that the walls are up to code and will be able to withstand an attack. Make note of any repairs needed.

  • Collect 500 pieces of wood.

        Our bows need arrows, and apparently wood is one of the resources needed! So get choppin'!

  • Rally the Watch!

        Organize an event of any kind whether it be wall duty, forest patrol, training drill or a fundraiser.

Write a detailed report and attach it below!

Watch Marshal Skagrin.



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