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*A notice bearing the Keres Family Crest, nailed up around town.*

The Keres Household is seeking to employ villagers in several positions on the estate.

Salary: 75gp/week, plus room and board.
    We live in a dangerous region, in dangerous times. Outside the walls, there is considerable danger of attack at almost any given time. Bandits, Undead, Orcs, and even political enemies of the Family have all been known to attack those passing between the Keres Homestead and Blackwell. While some within the household are capable of defending themselves, it has become necessary to take steps to ensure the safety of those that cannot.
    Those filling this position will be tasked with preserving the health and safety of members of the Keres Household, as well as the properties of such. They must be skilled armsmen, and willing to place the safety of their charges at a higher priority than their own wellbeing. Guards are expected to be up to date with any licenses required of them by the Village's authorities, and to be in good standing with the Avatarian Church.
    Position 1: -Unfilled-
    Position 2: -Unfilled-

Salary: 50gp/week, plus room and board.
    The Keres Homestead is a somewhat large parcel of land, and requires considerable upkeep. The various industries the estate is capable of undertaking have hitherto gone untended, resulting in an overall lack of financial stability. The Estate houses a small Tinkering workshop, a forge and anvil, an orchard, a small vegetable garden, and a small number of pigs and chickens. Additionally, there is a small pier adjacent to the estate for fishing.
    Those filling this positon will be tasked with performing certain chores on the farm, including the upkeep and harvesting of livestock, garden, and orchard, and keeping the household's living space relatively clean.
    Position 1: -Unfilled-
    Position 2: -Unfilled-

The Keres Family prides itself on the loyalty its members display for one another, and the dedication with which each works to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the others. Those accepted into the Keres Household are expected to treat one another with decency and respect, and to always act in the best interest of the family. Whether in private or public, each should strive to uphold the family's ideals of Honor and Solidarity. This applies as much to the behavior of the Household's servants towards the Family as it does to the Family's behavior towards its servants. Anyone found to be in violation of this trust will answer to me personally.

*Signed above a wax seal depicting a snowcapped mountain and a portcullis*
Rurik A. Keres,
Grenadier Commander, ret.
Head of the Household


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