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Price Guidelines (Blackwell Merchant's Associaton)

The following prices have been set forth and agreed to by the Blackwell Merchant's Associaton, comprising of the vast majority of the village's skilled craftsmen and women. A charter for this organization will be posted shortly, detailing its policies and requirements for membership, as well as the advantages of seeking such. These pricing conventions have been designed to encourage fair competition between the town's merchants and artisans, and to finally bring under control the wildly fluctuating cost of goods that the town has been suffering from.
10 Copper Coins = 1 Gold Coin

Iron = 0.5 gold per ingot.
Dull Copper = 1 gold per ingot.
Shadow Iron = 2 gold per ingot.
Copper = 3 gold per ingot.
Bronze = 5 gold per ingot.
Gold = 10 gold per ingot.
Agapite = 12 gold per ingot.
Verite = 15 gold per ingot.
Valorite = 25 gold per ingot.

Plain = 0.5 gold per strip.
Spined = 2 gold per strip.
Barbed = 4 gold per strip.

Diamonds = 10 gold per gem.
Gems = 5 gold per gem.
Glass Bottles = 3 gold per bottle.
Plain Cloth = 0.5 gold per yard.
Reagents = 0.5 gold per plant.
Wood = 0.2 gold per board.

+10% of material cost.
Example: A platemail gorget requires ten ingots to make. Therefore, the material cost of a Dull Copper Platemail Gorget is 10 gold pieces. You create an Exceptional quality gorget, increasing its value by 20%, boosting it to 12 gold pieces total. You then apply a personal labor rate of 5 gold per item, bringing the total price of the item to 17 gold.

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Re: Price Guidelines (Blackwell Merchant's Associaton)

(OOC)Question, how does the removal of exceptional and addition of the arms lore gain change this pricing structure and does this apply to only weapons or is this working for armour too?(/OOC)


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