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A note posted in large print on the side of the Sheriff's Office.

People of Blackwell,
     It has come to my attention that during the past few days, two members of my household have been attacked by Nujel'mian slavers calling themselves the Emerald Sands Trading Company, and that by your efforts both were saved. I would like to formally extend my gratitude to you all. However, it is also clear that no one in this village will be safe until these degenerate foreigners are driven from our lands. To this end, I am placing a bounty upon the heads of these wicked men. One hundred gold per head will be awarded for the capture and delivery, dead or alive, of these slavers, with a further bonus of one hundred gold if all three are caught.
     I would have vengeance on those who have sought to harm my kin.

*Signed in large, blocky letters.*
Rurik Keres


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